Last day

26th January 2019


With our visit to Oxford we finish our one week trip to London. We have enjoyed it a lot!



4th day

25th January 2019


On Thursday morning we went to the British Museum. It is very beautiful, we saw the ancient egyptian ast, as well as japanese, african and islamic art. ehat we liked the most was the mummies from Egypt.

In the afternoon we walked along Oxford and Regent Street, Picadilly Circus and Chinatown.

Gerard, Izan, Eric and Carlos


3rd day

24th January 2019


This morning we went to Westminter Abbey and Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards which was very amazing.
Later we we went to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, which being refurbished. We visited the London Eye, the big wheel next to the Thames River. In the afternoon we visited Covent Garden

Anaïs,Aina, Claudia, Romeo, Eric, Sergi and Héctor


2nd day

23rd January 2019


Yesterday we visited The National Gallery. We saw a lot of pictures of different painters. It was huge so we couldn’t see all the pictures. It has different rooms, with different epochs, and different techniques. We learnt a lot!

In the afternoon we walked through Hyde Park and we went to King’s Cross Station, where we visites the Harry Potter’s shop.

Lucía Rivas, Laia and Amina.


1st day

22nd January 2019


We took the plane at 7:30 and we arrived at 9:45. We took a bus to go to the center of London. When we arrived we saw the London Bridge and the Tower of London. Then we went to the Tate Modern Museum.

After dinner we went to the Millenium Bridge, then near it there was St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s Carhedral is beautiful, fascinating and huge. We had a great time.

Laura, Marta, Amina, Andrea, Míriam and Ainhoa.


Last day

26 de gener de 2018


In our last day we visited Cambridge, a city full of colleges. We visited University of Cambridge and Trinity College.

This was the last stop of our one week trip. We have enjoyed it a lot and had great fun!

Manel, Álex and Aitor.

4th day

25 de gener de 2018



In our fourth day in London we visited the British Museum. We could see a lot of egyptian art, mummies, jewellery, mesopotamic sculptures... It was an amazing place!
In the afternoon, we went shopping to Oxford and Regent Street, the shops were very big and amazing. We also saw Chinatown.



Sonia, María R., Isabella, Antonio, Joan and Víctor R.


3rd day

24 de gener de 2018


Yesterday morning we went to Buckingham Palace, which is the palace of the Queen of England. We saw the changing of the guards, but there were so many people.
In the afternoon, we saw the Big Ben, a very big and famous clock, but they are working on it and we couldn’t see it properly. We also visited the London Eye.
It was a typical rainy and windy day but we enjoyed it a lot.


Victor G, Victor B, Álvaro, Jarol, Pau and Gabriel.


2nd day

23 de gener de 2018


Yesterday we went to the National Gallery. We saw a lot of paintings of very famous artists. All the paintings are very beautiful. We enjoyed it a lot at the museum.

In the afternoon we went to Hyde Park, where we saw a lot of ducks, birds and squirrels. Then we went to Harrods’s, a very beautiful and expensive department store.

Andre, Marina, Janna, Fer, Paula and Daniela.

Off to London

22 de gener de 2018


Greetings from London

When we arrived at London we visisted the Tower of London, officially the Royal Palace and Fortress of his Majesty.  We also saw the Tower Bridge and walked along The City.  When we arrived to the Cathedral we were tired of walking but we enjoyed the beauty of this building. Then we went to the Millenium Bridge and we saw the Shakespeare’s theatre. 

Finally, we took the bus to go to Orpington and met the families.

Sara, María E. , Nerea, Erin, Ana and Nadia.

The English Day

Dimarts 28 d'Abril de 2014

Us imagineu els alumnes del Blanxart fent classe en una escola de Primària? Doncs això va passar els dies 9 i 10 de febrer d’enguany.


The English Day és un projecte de l’Escola La Nova Electra en què, per quart any, l’Institut Investigador Blanxart hi col·labora.


Els mestres de La Nova Electra preparen uns tallers en què un grup d’alumnes de 3er, 4rt i 1er de Batxillerat fan de mestres dels alumnes d’Infantil fins a Cicle Superior.


Us deixem aquí un parell de vídeos amb alguns dels tallers que es van fer.


We hope you enjoy them!


Departament d'Idiomes estrangers

Llistat d’activitats que desenvolupa el DEPARTAMENT D’ANGLÈS

•SERVEI DE BIBLIOTECA de llibres en llengua anglesa. Els llibres estan en préstec per als alumnes de 1r i de 2n de batxillerat.

•SESSIONS DE LECTURA en llengua anglesa a les aules d’ESO.

•DRAMATITZACIÓ DE LECTURES en llengua anglesa a l’ESO.

•FOMENT DE LES COMPETÈNCIES COMUNICATIVES amb l’ús de les Tecnologies digitals.

•PRÀCTIQUES AUDIOVISUALS en llengua anglesa.

•PRÀCTIQUES DE LLENGUA ANGLESA amb ordinadors i ús de recursos online.


•BIODIVERSITY ACTION PLAN. Activitats interdisciplinàries amb les matèries de Biologia i Visual i Plàstica per fomentar el respecte a la natura.

•TRAVEL PROJECT 3ESO. Projecte interdisciplinari de preparació d’un viatge a l’estranger amb la col·laboració dels departaments d’Anglès, Tecnologia i Socials.

•IL·LUSTRACIÓ NARRACIONS, CONTES CURTS... Activitat interdisciplinar amb la col.laboració dels departaments de Visual i Plàstica, Llengua Anglesa, Llengua Catalana i Llengua Castellana.

•ENGLISH THROUGH MOVIES. Cine Fòrum. Visualització de pel.lícules en llengua anglesa.

•TREBALLS DE RECERCA, relacionats amb temes lingüístics, literaris i culturals dels països de parla anglesa.

•TAL COM RAJA. Participació en aquest concurs literari amb textos en llengua anglesa escrits pels nostres alumnes.

•NOVA ELECTRA. El nostre institut col.labora amb aquesta escola de primària en el dia temàtic de l’anglès: THE ENGLISH DAY. Els nostres alumnes són els monitors de les activitats preparades per als petits en aquest dia.

•THE BIG CHALLENGE. Participació dels nostres alumnes en aquest concurs a nivell europeu.

•JUVENES TRANSLATORES. Participació de l'institut en aquest concurs de traducció de llengües a nivell europeu.



Terrassa, curs 2011-2012.